Each garden reflects its owner’s personality, there is no rule and everyone is free to include his or her favourite plants. If some like a green and  plain garden, others prefer a mixture of colours. If you are among the latter category, many means are available to you for an original creation, whether it be with plants or decorative items.

Gardening is a hobby that is growing in popularity. Moreover, the sight of this greenery calms us and allows us to forget, for a moment, the stress of everyday life. Watering, removing dead leaves or planting are privileged moments during which our mind is rid of negative thoughts and brings a sense of inner peace. The best way to choose your plants is to go to a nursery. Thus, you will obtain precise information for each selected species: the best time to plant, the type of soil it requires, the frequency of watering, and the season most suitable for planting.

Creating a colourful flower garden on a terrace

You do not necessarily need a large space to create a  pleasure garden. Put some flower pots or ornamental plants on your deck, being careful not to to set them at the same height during flowering. More specifically, the plants on the front should not conceal those present in the background. Use beautiful and colourful flower-pot holders, which will provide a first touch of cheerfulness. The advantage of potted plants is their mobility; you can regularly move them, according to bloomings, to restore harmony to the whole vegetation. In addition, many plants are seasonal and do not bloom all year round. Being able to remove them from your composition allows you not to leave an empty space in your floral arrangement for several months

Bringing colour to a garden in autumn

Being considered a slightly sad season, autumn also brings its share of warm and golden colours. Some perennials, such as geraniums, asters, coneflowers or dahlias, are still intact in September. In October, place emphasis on your shrubs because some species take on beautiful colours when the temperature is around zero. Vary the pleasures, blending species for a colourful fall ensemble. For example, you can plant winged spindle, dogwood, berberis, redbud, juneberry, Virginia rose and Viburnum plicatum. With these shrubs, a wide variety of colours will brighten your garden in autumn.

Adding colour in winter

Although most plants die in the cold, some can be used to give life to your garden in winter. Dogwood will delight you in the fall and will remain strong throughout the cold season. You can add some other trees that will bring a touch of colour with their bark: black bamboo, birch, Tibetan cherry or rhododendrons. The ultimate winter plants, such as holly and conifers, should be emphasized. Add a touch of fun by placing Christmas decorations on a fir. However, snowdrops, Christmas rose, Algerian iris, winter jasmine and witch hazel which can all withstand winter, will embellish your flower beds.

A colourful garden in spring

Spring is the plants’ ideal season and to enjoy it, pot marigold, snapdragons, chrysanthemums, and hibiscus should be selected. The best way to please yourself is to go to a nursery and seek advice. You can buy plants that have already rooted, or bulbs that you will put into the ground by following the instructions. Spring is the ideal time to create a colourful garden.

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Published in Pleasure gardens by Alexander on 03 Aug 2011