Flowery windows and balconies can be used to transform your interior. They bring colour and make your home more cheerful and friendly. In addition, it is also easier to achieve than planting in a garden. Indeed, most flowers grow well in pots, and there is no need to be a professional to decorate your windows and balconies with lovely flowers. All you need to do is give free rein to your imagination.

Most flowers are great in windows and on balconies. Some are easy to put in window boxes, as is the case for alyssum, nasturtiums, begonias, fuchsia, gladioli; there are those drooping along borders such as petunia, geranium and ivy, and those that climb to decorate balustrades, including clematis, honeysuckle, climbing hydrangea, etc.. But before choosing the types of flowers to grow, it is necessary to see if the location is well-suited to the plant’s needs. For that, see how your windows and balconies face the sun and wind. If they receive little light, flowers for shade or part shade will be the best choice. Otherwise, choose plants that tolerate sunlight very well.

What container to choose?

Choose your plants’ containers after selecting your flower types. Between pots, planters and trays, the choice is wide. Indeed, they come in all shapes (cone, square, rectangular, etc..), and materials (plastics, wood, cement, clay …). And, if you are in favour of recycling, you can even recover some containers, clean them carefully and make sure that the drainage is adequate by opening a hole at the bottom. Nevertheless, it is advisable to think about plant’s well-being: if the container is too small, the roots will quickly suffocate. Furthermore, also consider your choice’s practical side. As an example, window boxes that are too long are cumbersome and hard to handle. In all cases, the best choice depends on the plant’s comfort, available space, and material. A unity of style remains preferable.

How to plant flowers?

After choosing all that is necessary, make sure that your container has good drainage. To this end, line the container’s bottom with balls of clay, small stones, or polystyrene beads. Then, fill it up with good soil, or with a mixture of earth and decomposed compost or with specialized potting soil available in stores. Finally, plant your bulbs and seeds, taking good care of them to obtain a beautiful flowering. To do this, it is recommended to water regularly, but to a lesser extent than in-ground plants, to fertilize the whole with liquid fertilizer every two weeks, and to weed regularly.

Good-to-know tips for growing flowers on windows and balconies

When you decide to grow flowers on your balcony or windows, security is fundamental. Indeed, you will be legally responsible in the case of accidents or damage to your neighbour’s property. To avoid all this, it is advisable to hang your plants well, and avoid stagnant water that could spill over to the neighbour’s property. You can, for example, set up a plate below each container, thus easily recovering the excess water. It is also possible to reduce your pots’ weight by resorting to specific products that will make the soil lighter. In short, by being careful and taking proper care of your plants, your windows and balcony will be beautifully adorned with begonias, pansies or forget-me-nots in bloom.

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Published in Home by Alexander on 06 Jul 2011