Garden sheds in wood, PVC or metal all have advantages and disadvantages. It is your responsibility to make your choice according to your taste and the wide variety of models that are available on the market. If the garden sheds made from PVC or galvanized metal do not require maintenance, the more aesthetically pleasing wooden sheds must be regularly maintained by coating them with products such as white spirit.

When purchasing your wooden garden shed, be sure to take note of the accessories offered as related products. The purchase of an additional window is required if the brightness is insufficient. The shingle roof can protect your equipment from the weather conditions and it comes in different colours. For an ecological and economical option, set up gutters with a water reservoir that allows you to recover rainwater to water your plants.

Wood processing

The different woods used for garden sheds are natural pine, cedar and spruce. Natural pine needs to be treated with a fungicide or insecticide to make it more resistant to weathering, mould and moisture. A shed made from pine treated in autoclave does not require much maintenance. The treatment used is known as an autoclave and consists of impregnating the wood with fungicide. If you opt for a wooden shed, it is imperative that the wood used in construction be completely dried before building the shed.

Overview of a garden shed

A garden shed is a small building of variable size and area. Indeed, its modularity allows for a diversity of surfaces ranging from 6 to 24 yd² (5 to 20 m²). With or without an electrical connection, its main function is to serve as a storage unit for tools and garden equipment. At certain times of the year, such as during spring cleaning, it is used to house plants like geraniums. The garden shed is chosen for its utility, its simplicity which provides the garden area with a certain charm, and its convenient side as a storage unit. With models or facilities adapted for more comfort (water, shelving, electricity …), you can turn it into a workshop or a small rehearsal studio for your children. You can also use this convenient storage space for storing a bicycle or a lawnmower.

Types of garden sheds

The materials used for making garden sheds are diverse. They can be wood, PVC or metal. The most commonly used species for wooden sheds are spruce or fir. Wooden sheds have the advantage of harmonizing with the garden’s landscape while providing it with a certain aesthetic side. If you like change, it is possible to paint your shed to suit your taste. PVC sheds do not require a huge budget and they have the advantage of not being difficult to maintain, apart from water cleansing. Sheds made of electro-galvanized steel are sturdy but their installation requires an anchor kit. Moreover, they are shock resistant and of sustainable use. You can choose among some existing styles: single door, double door, sliding door or asymmetrical door. The double doors are particularly recommended if you have a big mower. Bags of potting soil, logs or bulky garden furniture are stored under the lean-to roof installed on the shed’s left or right side. In the most advanced models, you can even have a carport. Some models that use the design of a chalet are also embellished with a staircase. The garden shed allows you to store small tools such as rakes, watering cans, spades or a wheelbarrow. The bulkier motorized equipment, such as the lawnmower, can also be stored there provided that there is sufficient available storage space. You can also use this space to prepare your plants, provided it has shelves to place the containers. Otherwise, the shed can also be used for keeping your flower trays sheltered from the cold in winter.

Maintenance and tips for sustainable use

If you have a moderate budget, choose a PVC or metal shed which is cheaper and requires less maintenance than a wooden shed. Given that they are subject to strong temperature variations, it is best to use them as warehouses. Wooden garden sheds have the advantage of having a certain charm and being in harmony with the environment. Moreover, it is more appropriate for gardening use, as it permanently provides good ventilation. It is advisable to set up concrete pilings or a concrete slab in advance to ensure the shed’s stability and guarantee its sustainability. When selecting a wooden garden shed, choose the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) quality label. You will thus make your contribution to our planet’s sustainable management by using a product in conformity with international standards.

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Published in Decorating guide by Alexander on 06 Jul 2011