If you enjoy the beauty and fragrance of rose bushes, it is not mandatory to have a garden to grow them. A balcony can serve as a gardening area for growing roses in pots. In addition, a well-maintained rose-bush will adorn your balcony for several years. If you have a spacious balcony, you have a wide choice of varieties that can be put in different pots.

Growing roses in pots, regardless of variety, requires great care. To maintain them well, ensure regular monitoring, which requires above all a love for gardening. If you do not carry out the appropriate care, you risk having your plants dry out or become exposed to disease. The rose-bush is a plant that is particularly susceptible to disease and parasites when grown in pots. Roses in pots or trays may have a lifespan of ten years and will give you complete satisfaction if they receive regular care. A good exposure to the sun allows them to bloom profusely.

The choice of roses to put on a balcony

The ideal varieties to be grown in pots are the miniature rose-bushes. Indeed, this type of rose bush requires less space because of its small size. In addition, their flowers particularly brighten up confined areas. The Meillandina variety, with its bushy flowering, is perfect for forming a potted bouquet on your balcony. You can also choose from other dwarf cultivars that have the advantage of being hardy. Generally, modern rose-bushes adapt more easily to trays. However, do not rely on small roses used by florists for making bouquets. Indeed, many do not thrive when grown in pots. For this type of culture, the main factor to manage is drought. Unlike in-ground planting, the plant can only live off the moisture contained in the tray. If the soil inside the container lacks moisture, the rose-bush is not able to find it elsewhere else. Also, prefer less vigorous plants, such as dwarf or semi-dwarf rose-bushes. However, it is not advisable to grow climbing roses in pots on a balcony. Indeed, the roots will need room to extend as the rose-bushes grow. In addition, if you are particularly fond of old rose-bushes, seek advice from the garden centre. Growing in containers depends on each species’ adaptability to this type of culture. Anyway, always choose the less vigorous varieties.

Types of pots for growing roses on the balcony

To grow well, the rose-bush will need a container that has sufficient space for allowing the roots to breathe properly. In this case, leave out bins made of plastic or fibre. Ideally, prefer terracotta or wood pots. Among other available options, there also are beautiful potteries decorated artistically, or trays with modern designs, both of which will only accentuate the roses’ splendour on your balcony. If your balcony is spacious, please choose a large and deep container. To allow a rose bush to grow, a minimum size of 12 inches (30 centimetres) in diameter and height is required. If possible, choose a container with 24 inches (60 centimetres) in diameter, allowing the plant to take root well and thrive. If the pot’s bottom is not yet pierced, do so immediately to allow the evacuation of excess water during irrigation. Otherwise, the frost will weaken the rose-bush during winter.

Planting a rose bush

In the case of potted rose-bushes, allow for proper drainage to prevent root rot. To do this, line the container’s bottom with a 2 to 2.5-inch (5 to 6 cm) layer of gravel or clay beads. Next, prepare for planting by mixing potting soil with compost and garden earth. Use proportional amounts. Then, proceed to planting the rose bush, taking care to separate the roots well. Also, pay special attention to the grafting point of union, making sure that it is flush with the soil’s surface. If you want to grow a traditional rose bush, it is generally necessary to trim the branches to half their size prior to planting. This will facilitate the shrub’s recovery. Then, put a layer of potting soil up to the level of the grafting point of union. Leave at least 3/4 of an inch (2 cm) between the pot’s edge and the soil level, to be able to water the rose bush. Finish by watering abundantly to facilitate rooting.

Maintenance of potted roses

Regular watering is essential for growing in pots. During the hot season, water your roses twice a week. Spread out the watering periods to allow the soil to dry. The rose bush requires an abundant watering, equivalent to about 1 gallon (4 litres) of water for a container of which the capacity is 5 gallons (20 litres). In winter, limit watering to a monthly basis. In any case, avoid it during periods of frost. Systematically cut wilted flowers to stimulate the sprouting of new blooms. Provide your rose bushes with regular treatment and monitoring because these plants are particularly vulnerable to pest attacks and diseases. You can protect your rose bush with a fungicide as soon as it is put in the ground. Perform an annual resurfacing by replacing the soil’s top layer in the container.

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