There are several varieties of sunflowers, but they mainly differ in terms of size or colour. And while some of them are single flowered, others are double flowered. In fact, the choice of sunflower to grow depends on they type of garden. Just follow the main stages of growth to get some nice plants, and a garden that is beautifully decorated by the brightness of its colours. In addition, once it is properly installed, sunflower requires little care.

There are two main ways to grow sunflowers. It all depends on the period during which planting is carried out. In general, if done before the hot season, it is best to grow sunflowers in a container. On the other hand, if you wait for summer, it will be possible to sow directly on the ground. In all cases, the steps for its cultivation must be carefully followed.

Growing sunflowers in winter or autumn

It is possible to grow sunflowers even if it is still quite cold. To protect the plant, opt ??for indoor growing in such cases. To do this, the ideal would be to use a container to mix peat and sand in equal parts, an in which sunflower seeds will be sown. Then, slightly moisten the earth and make sure that the pot is placed in a well-lit location. The seeds should also benefit from a little heat. In general, a window sill is perfect. If the plant grows and produces leaves before the end of frosts, it is best to transplant it into a deeper container. In-ground transplantation is recommended only after the cold has faded.

Sowing sunflower seeds during the hot season

Sunflowers can be sown on the ground when the cold and frost give way to the sun’s warmth. In this case, the first thing to do is to amend the earth by adding compost to it. This preparation can be done in advance, so that the soil is loosened and rich enough to feed the plant by sowing time. Once this is taken care of, sow the sunflower seeds and cover them up well with soil. Then, pack everything carefully before watering. To protect the first sunflower shoots against snails and slugs, it is advisable to use beads of ecological anti-slug products.

The sunflower’s growing conditions

Kknow that the sunflower is a summer plant. As a result, it likes the heat, and grows well in sunny locations. This is why it is best to cultivate in a well-lit spot in the garden where it will benefit from maximum sunlight. Moreover, the sunflower is a heavy feeder, and as such it needs rich soil that will sustain its growth. Thus, the supply of fertilizer is not to be neglected if one wants to have a beautiful bloom. Similarly, take special care to respect the required 12-inch (30 cm) intervals between each plant to ensure proper development. Finally, the sunflower only needs to be watered at the time of planting and in case of drought. Too much moisture may cause its roots to rot. All varieties of sunflowers are grown the same way. However, not that for the giant varieties exceeding 5 feet (1.50 m) tall, a staking will be required for the plant not to suffer any damage.

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Published in Summer flowers by Alexander on 30 Aug 2011