Many people have a preference for traps over other means to fight against the presence of moles in their garden or green space. In addition, these traps present less risk for man and the environment thant other means such as firecrackers and poison. But, to fight off moles effectively, it is best to know them well.

The mole is a mammal that belongs to the Talpidae family and that is distinguished by a pointed snout, front legs that look like shovels with long, powerful claws, very small eyes and a grey-brown fur. Moles are burrowing animals that live in underground tunnels and feed on worms, larvae and insects. They cause considerable damage when making molehills on lawns, gardens, vegetable gardens, etc.. Therefore, man has found ways to fight against these pests. This is why mole traps were created. They are widelly used because of their effectiveness.

Mole traps

There are many ways to fight against moles and we can mention, among others, the use of traps, poisons, gas, chemical preparations, and firecrackers. Of all these methods, the mole trap remains the most popular and widely used means. They come in several types including the gophinator gopher trap, which comes in sets of four, the tunnel and double entry tunnel mole trap, the spring trap, the scissor mole trap and the mole gun. These traps pretty much all operate the same way. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they do not damage the lawn or garden and are not likely to be harmful to humans, unlike poisons or other chemical preparations. In addition, they can be reused as often as necessary as long as they are not damaged. Unfortunately, the drawback to these traps is that instead of catching moles, they can capture pets and may even injure children. Consequently, keep children and pets away from these traps. The gophinator gopher trap uses a trip bar to spread the jaws apart, before the u-shaped hook is inserted. Once the u-shaped hook is perfectly positioned, carefully twist the winder to create tension. The traps are then ready to be laid down in each direction of the gallery. Double entry tunnels are plastic mole traps that have two entries, as their name suggests. They are simply set down at the entrance of burrows. The tunnel is a heavy duty spring trap that can withstand wind and rain. With its dual mechanism, it is able to capture moles regardless of their size. This type of trap is included in the same category as anti-moles or spring traps that have two active sides. The mole gun is a cartridge device that is placed at the opening of the moles’ burrows. Once set at the entry of mole tunnels, the mole gun needs to be armed and loaded with a special cartridge.

Some essential tips to make mole traps more effective

For a trap to catch moles, it is very important to induce the formation of rust on the device by burying it in the ground or by soaking it in water. This is necessary given that moles have a great sense of smell and easily dectect any new odour. Moreover, one should avoid handling a trap with bare hands. To do this, wearing gloves is necessary for reasons of hygiene, but also to prevent human odours from being detected on the traps. Therefore, bury it in the ground by mixing in soil from the molehill. In addition, the traps that must be installed either at the opening of furrows or in their walls should be deeply pushed in. For certain types of traps, it is strongly advised to use bait, such as worms or other insects, to attract the mole.

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Published in Gardening equipment by Alexander on 06 Sep 2011