Tree pruning is a procedure that involves cutting the branches located mainly in the lower part of a tree. This method is used to clear out or create a passage among existing branches, to get rid of unnecessary branches that are detrimental to the setting and give off the impression of a lack of maintenance, or to facilitate the felling of the concerned tree.

Pruning and felling of trees are activities that, due to chainsaw manipulation, constitute a real danger for those lacking proper knowledge of basic fundamentals.  Before starting out, one must first ensure to be sober.  If under medication, make sure that the notice does not advise against any activity requiring sustained focus.

Required Accessories

One should always wear gloves and approved protective equipment, or at least clothing adjusted for the task: strengthened work shoes, a helmet with visor and hearing protections. Each of these accessories is essential to ensure better protection and control of the situation. Gloves and footwear reduce the risk of slippage, which is the main cause of accidents. Clothes provide greater ease of movement, while the acoustic protection allows for better concentration without the risk of attention being diverted. Finally, the helmet with visor reduces the risk of injury by falling debris. Pruning is a simple process that only requires great precaution.

Using a chainsaw

Since each chainsaw has unique characteristics, the first thing to do is to carefully read the purchase manual. To take control over the tool, it is imperative to hold the chainsaw with both hands. Putting the front thumb under the wrist allows for greater manoeuvrability. Always start attacking the wood with the middle of the guide bar. Otherwise, one may feel vibrations that could cause loss of control and possibly result in serious injury. Smoking while filling and using the chainsaw is advised against, as fire could come in contact with the machine. In the presence of children or pets, always make sure they stay away from the work area. The chainsaw is a really dangerous tool that must be handled with maximum precaution to prevent accidents.

Seeking professional help

It is unnecessary to take excessive risks to fell a tree, as this type of work remains very dangerous, especially in regard to large trees and if you’re an amateur lumberjack. If you’re not confident, call a professional logger. In addition to unparalleled knowledge, the logger has all the necessary equipment to safely carry out quality work.

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Published in Large trees by Alexander on 04 Jul 2011