A complete gardening tool set should include tools and equipment for working the land as well as others to maintain it. The latter group includes tools for pruning as well as those needed for mowing the lawn. The choice of quality tools has its benefits; they are easier to handle and cause less articular problems. Therefore, one must never overlook the comfort, ease and safety of use of gardening tools.

Garden tools are numerous. To choose them, you must consider the size of your garden, the type of work that you’d like to carry out, but also the frequency at which you perform maintenance work in your garden. Indeed, in many cases, it is sometimes more convenient to rent equipment occasionally than to buy it.

The essential tools to work the land

As expected, the spade is on top of the list. Timeless and essential for turning over the land, digging planting holes or separating roots, the spade will be your main ally in your gardening work Spades with square blades are perfect for working the land, while those with round blades are suitable for the roots and flower beds. Then, there is the rake. The thin, flat-tooth type is mainly used in vegetable gardens. The broader rake is used for the collection of dead leaves. You will also need a pickaxe. The trowel is ideal for planting spring bulbs and others. Remember the fork spade and hoe among the gardening tools. The hoe will allow you to turn over the earth’s surface. All of these garden tools should be in forged steel. Other lighter materials are sometimes used, such as aluminium. Upon purchase, make sure that each tool is comfortable to handle. This will prevent blisters and some joint pain after use.

Tools for maintenance gardening

This group of tools includes branches cutter, for cutting plants that are one-inch (2.5 cm) thick. There is also shears, clippers and the pruning saw. This time, choose the most suitable tool for your type of hedges or plants in your flowerbeds. These tools must be easy to handle and not too heavy in order to easily reach the plants that are difficult to access. Many manufacturers offer tools with padded handles, which enhances their comfort. Other instruments are provided with a rack and pinion system, multiplying their cutting power without requiring increased efforts.

Large gardening equipment

The lawn mower is an essential device for cutting grass cleanly. The free-standing models are mostly reserved for professional use. The gas-powered devices can be pushed or towed equipment. Electric models have a freedom of movement that is diminished by the existence of an electrical wire. On the other hand, certain other models; with their existing collection tray, allow for a clean cutting.  Today, there also are some models of lawn mowers operated by solar energy and that are totally autonomous. Simple specific cables, placed around the selected plot of land limit these mowers’ scope of work. We will also include hedge trimmers in the group of large equipment. Electric models are heavier (up to 13 lbs/ 6 kg), and allow you to handle branches of which the diameter is 4/3 of an inch (3.5 cm) In regard to electric hedge trimmers, they are lighter but their electric wire may bother the gardener during their use, especially given that this type of work is usually performed in height. However, it is the ideal tool for medium-sized hedges with branches of 3/4 of an inch (2 cm).

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Published in Gardening equipment by Alexander on 06 Sep 2011